Vegan Cream Cheese, Almond Based, Fermented

OK, So admittedly this is one of the more “involved” vegan recipes. The kind that is off putting to the average consumer.


Stay with me. It is sooo worth it.

I feel like almost all vegans have *tried* vegan cream cheese. Theres a lot of options on the market, my favorite being Tofutti and Kite Hill. (ohhh Kite Hill, How I love you)

The best brand *:cough*Kite Hill*cough* are costly, depending on where you live, a tub can set you back 5-10$… and Kite Hill, I don’t blame you, charge as much as you want, you are winning the vegan cheese market in my mind.

This recipe is my Kite Hill remake. Its not *exactly* the same, but I find it delicious.

Are you ready, for creamy dreamy, tangy goodness? With added probiotics to boot?

Lets go!

Step 1: Get 1 cup of almonds and soak them overnight in at least 2 cups of water.

Step 2: Skin the almonds. Arent you glad your plant based and step two isn’t “skin the chicken/piglet/deer/whatever”. To skin the almonds I simply toss them in boiling water for a minute or so, generally they float when they are good and ready. The heat makes them literally squeeze out of their skins. Watch out! I have shot many almonds across the room this way. A safer way is to take the drained, boiled almonds, place them on a cutting board, cover with a towel and rub back and forth. Viola! you’ll be left with a pile of skins.


I imagine you can dry these and blend them for baking? let me know guys!

excuse the left over almond pulp on the blade attachment, i had just made milk and hadn’t cleaned that part.

Step 3: Blend, until you have some grainy almond meal, add a pinch of salt and some Soy Whey from your strained yogurt, some rejuvelac, Some raw probiotic sauerkraut juice, or some water and a probiotic capsule, blend until you have a creamy cream cheese consistency.


Step 4: leave it alone! Cover your glass bowl with a tea towel and let it sit for 2 days, it will start to taste like a fermented dairy product pretty quickly.


And there you have it! Fermented vegan cream cheese.



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