Full(er Tiny) House

I have been living in a house that is 200 square feet since 2014.

This house has been full of me, my dog zane, cat Ramona, rabbit Olive, and Tortoise Charlie Pistachio.

Thats the whole gang. (Cute aren’t they?) For the past year Olive and Charlie (Rabbit and Tortoise) live outside during the day, and come in at night to avoid predators/weather etc.

Ramona is an indoor only cat. Poor baby only knows the 4 walls of my 200 square foot abode.

Zane is an outdoor loving pup and splits his time between the half acre we live on and the house with me.

We’ve more than made it work. Living Tiny has forced me to really focus in on what I own, what its value is, where it should go, and the value of cleaning up. Owning something I don’t need not only a waste of that item, but a waste of my space, my time (maneuvering my other belongings around said unnecessary item), and my energy.

Over the past 3 years I have gone from being a pack rat, to being a minimalist without even planning on it. I do monthly runs to the goodwill because I am always discovering new things I have that I don’t need (LIKE 15 MIXING BOWLS?!?!?! Why?)

I’m pretty confident to say now that I have streamlined my life.


So of course once I feel confident and settled the universe decides to shake things up. To Stop Changing is To Die. We can’t get too comfortable.

…. My boyfriend is moving in…


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