Yogurt, Vegan Kitchen Experiments

Every once in a while I have a kitchen success that shocks me.

This is funny because I, being my mothers daughter, pretty much never have kitchen disasters, but I still seem to expect the worst with certain projects. I have NEVER made yogurt, vegan or dairy.

I’ve been vegan for 3 or 4 years now (?) and I have missed yogurt soo much more than any other dairy product. The sweetness, the tang… YUM!

I recently stumbled upon Jill Nussinow’s Soy Yogurt recipe in “Vegan Under Pressure” and knew I had to try it! I’m short on money this week (always) so I decided to use store bought soy yogurt as my starter. I used organic shelf stable soy milk with no preservatives as the base.

I set it up right before bed, which I highly recommend. In the morning I had beautiful Yogurt! They were room temperature, so I threw the jars in the fridge to cool/firm, and prepped one for breakfast.

I added fresh blueberries, raw oats and date pieces Eric picked up at Andy’s Produce in town… It was… AMAZING


Later in the week I made Taco’s (Super Bowl?) and was struck with an idea.. yogurt +lime juice = vegan sour cream/ creama? something?

Not sure what to call it but it was soo good guys! a lot of vegan cream/ sour cream/ cream cheese recipes are SO HIGH in fat that I rarely eat them, but this soy yogurt is moderately lower in fat, and so much yummier than the store bought vegan sour cream I used to pour on top of my quesadillas with vegan store bought cheese.. fried in oil.. *gag* I used to eat that EVERY DAY guys.

Health is a work in progress, and I’m excited to have this new recipe/skill in my arsenal!

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