Eat All The Veggies!

When I was little I wouldn’t eat vegetables. I wouldn’t eat meat either. I ate bread. The occasional tortilla.. Potatoes in the form of french fries. I didn’t like cheese, I wouldn’t eat pizza. I was on a high carb, high gluten, highly processed diet. Vegetables scared me. They were colorful, with different textures and flavors.

Its funny now most of what I eat is vegetables. I love them all. (I’m currently unsure about eggplant, but I bet if I had it right now I’d love it). Its funny how tastebuds evolve over time. Nothing better than a big bowl of steamed veggies.

I’m starting to shift my understanding of things.. Just because I eat a “starch based” diet doesn’t mean that every meal needs a potato or a grain.

In fact, I feel better with slightly less starch for most meals…Ā Don’tĀ misinterpretĀ I’m a Mcdougaller through and through, but I’m more of a Maximum Weight loss/ Chef AJ kind of gal. My tummy works better when I fill it to the top with veggies. Maybe theres room for a potato or a cup of rice, maybe not.. I think basing my diet on “CARBS!!!” has lead to a bit of rebound weight gain. Not because these foods are bad, but because I insist on eating to darned much, I end up stuffing in a little too many calories.

I’ve been focused so much on “Starch and salad” I forgot about the other veggies!

You guys I just posted a few days ago that I was struggling financially to support my salad habit. .. I realized this week that there is cheaper more filling produce around (some of which is found in the frozen food section..)


What I’m trying to say is… Make sure you are eating those veggies.

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