Eating “healthy” when you’re broke

Sometimes I feel like I am on a never ending weight loss journey.

I went from Bacon eater-to a very cheesy buttery vegetarian- to a super oily and fake cheesy vegan-to a whole foods vegan- to now a whole foods, only plants, no oil, cautious of fat intake thing-y (did anyone follow that?)

Anyways this newest part of my journey has lead me to my profound love of vegetables. I am truly obsessed with veggies. I am not saying that in the coy decietful “oh I just adore cleaning my house, eating nothing but lettuce and running weekly marathons” one-upper type of way. I mean it.

I DAYDREAM ABOUT KALE SALADS. I’d kill for a big bowl of broccoli right now.  I’m going thought a “Red-cabbage-phase” 

I never realized that there is a big downfall to having this healthy of tastes… I can’t afford the quantity of veggies I want to consume. My food budget is the the realm of “maybe $100 a month if everyone stays healthy, I don’t need an oil change, My prime membership doesn’t need to be renewed, we have enough flea and tick medicine…etc”

I calculated that my lunches alone were about $5 in produce A DAY a few weeks ago.. oops

I know the answer of course, any veteran vegan knows how to squeak by for pennies a day: Beans, Rice, Potatoes. easy as that. The only thing is I start to gain weight on that diet. plus, I’m still lusting over english cucumbers, red bell peppers and cauliflower.

I can’t wait for the frost to lift, I’m going to garden like crazy this spring.

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