Running and I have a bad history. 

Growing up with Mitral Valve Prolapse and dysautonomia made running feel like an impossible task. I would run for a second and my heart would start beating out of my chest, squeaking and squawking and missing beats. I felt like I was dying.

Who wants to go out of their way to do an activity that makes them feel like that? Not me. So I didn’t run. I remember adopting this real IDGAF attitude about running the mile in PE class. I would intentionally  walk the mile SO slow that by the time I finished ONE lap, people were done with their whole mile. Eventually I would sit the whole activity out, saying my heart wouldn’t “let me” run. Half of me said this to get out of the activity, but half of me believed it.

Over the past year I’ve gotten off of my beta blocker and strengthened my heart. I have been eating plant based, I’ve been doing yoga (almost) everyday for (almost) a year and I feel stronger than I’ve felt in my whole life… So when my sister sent me a link for a 10 K and asked me to join her in running it, I had a big question for myself.

Why won’t I run?

So here I am world, trying my best to learn how to run, at the tender age of 26.

On Sunday I went out and did my typical 3 mile neighborhood walk but tried to run as much as I could And I didn’t run that much of it because my average was 15 minute miles. but I’ve got to tell you something.

It felt good.

There is something about running that rivaled the best yoga session, so meditative and peaceful.. and you know what?

I’m going to do it again.


4 Replies to “Running”

  1. So inspiring! So much respect for you doing this, more power to you on your running journey. Great article, do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?


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