Changes are brewing…

People in the HCLF vegan community sometimes talk about how eventually, after giving your body unlimited access to carbohydrates, you balance out, your body learns when its full, when its had enough.
I stopped using oil and eating nuts at the start of the summer. I I started feasting on potatoes in july. my weight has been exactly the same. I haven’t lost, haven’t gained. just sitting at this in-between weight, waiting for something to happen. well the last 2 days I’ve had something weird happen. Not weird I guess, really more like “normal” but to me it is a weird phenomenon. get this..
I went to eat something incredibly delicious… and realized “I’m not hungry right now” and then…
I didn’t eat it…
When I felt hungry later, I ate..
mind blowing right? haha
I don’t know if I’ve just never really understood my bodies cues before? I remember in the past thinking “oh I’m not hungry” and then literally not being capable of NOT EATING the thing in front of me. even if it would make me sick, I was going to eat it. I honestly have more memories of stuffing myself until I was extremely sick, than I do of feeling truly hungry, and I used to be anorexic.
I have been watching a lot of videos on YouTube by Legit Nutrition Hawaii, she talks about metabolic damage from eating disorders. She says you have to give yourself unlimited (Whole foods, plant based, starch) calories, for a while before your body will give in and be like “Oh, so we really aren’t starving to death. after that, apparently energy levels, hunger levels, weight and hormones all return to a natural, functional balance.
I have spent so much time in eating disorder mentality that I have throughly convinced my self and “starvation mode” and “metabolic damage” dont exist. In fact I remember looking up evidence to support my lack of eating that claimed it was all a myth. Theres studies that support anything, especially when there is money involved.
Plus after all of this time… it doesn’t even seem possible for my body to have its own wisdom.
But I am giving all this a chance, and it does feel like a shift is happening. Not just in my body and its apparent intuitive wisdom… but in my attitude and energy drives as well.
After talking to Doctor McDougall I decided that the best bet for me was to go off of my BetaBlocker and lose 30-ish pounds ASAP.  Since I’ve been off of it I have noticed a few things.
1.) My tachycardia is still here… but I almost feel like I’ve missed it. I grew up with this silly off beat heart, and its mine, if its not hurting anything, why can’t it beat to its own rhythm/pace? I feel like I am me more, if that makes any sense at all.
2.) I feel like I could run a fricken marathon. I mean not really, I can’t even run a mile, but I feel like I have boundless energy. I’ve cleaned out my car, house, yard… I am working out? (seriously what) I don’t feel like i’m doing things because I “have to”. Instead I’m daydreaming about my next project.
3.) my brain is actually functioning. I don’t know how or why this would be related to anything but I feel clearer, sharper and more capable. I can follow conversations better, I feel more present, less “floaty”

Basically, I feel so good i’m almost worried I’m manic (lol). I feel like the air is changing. Fall is coming and i’m ready to change my life. I’m ready to love my body not fight it. and I’m ready to feel good and look good.

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