New Beginnings

To me, the start of fall signifies big changes. It’s the end of august and many things are beginning. (This blog, being the first and most obvious)

My summer garden is soon going to switch over to a fall garden, I’m just beginning to start my seedlings for fall and winter. My sunflowers are starting to die back, I’m daydreaming about how I will utilize my space for new crops.

The school year has just started off, this signifies two big beginnings for me.
My first day of class begins tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the first day, of the last year of my masters degree. Its surreal to think I’m almost done, I still remember my first day like it just happened.

With the start of school I am also starting my Traineeship as a Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee, in an elementary school. All these years of hard work, education, and determination has finally gave way to my first clients. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. You can read about how to do something until you’re blue in the face and still have no clue what its like to actually “do it” until you get started.

I also just recently opened my Etsy shop, something I’ve been putting off doing forever.
I’ve been an artist and creator since I was a child, and have gone through many stages of how I feel about/ what I do with my art. I used to create and destroy, then I would create and share, but reuse to let anyone “have” anything I made, embarrassed that the quality was poor. I would show things off only to return them to a hiding spot, and eventually the trash. In the last few years I began giving made items as gifts. Now after much encouragement from my family and friends I’m going to start selling what I make. This is a huge step for me, I’ve already had a few sales. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in this area.

I look forward to the change in weather! My little 12 x 20 foot tiny house is not insulated, and the roof is metal, meaning my house ends up being very hot in the summer (and very cold in the winter) even though Sonoma county is so temperate. I don’t have an AC but currently have 3 fans and a swamp cooler set up just to keep my home below 85 degrees! Even my dog can’t stand to be in here.

I’m daydreaming about bulky sweaters, winter squash, rainy days, fall leaves, hot tea, home baked bread, fires in the fire pit.

I’m also excited for my potential to learn and grow, as a person, an artist, a seller, and a therapist.

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